Sitemap - 2022 - The Starfire Codes by Demi Pietchell

Anything That Is Programmed Can Be Reprogrammed

Don't Let Other People Decide Who You Are

Change Your Thoughts and You Can Change Your World

Perception Is Not Reality

Knowing Yourself Is the Beginning of All Wisdom

Note To Self: Relax

Perfectionism Is A Dangerous State of Mind In An Imperfect World

The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

It's Time To Enjoy Every Moment of Your Life

Progress Over Perfection

Get Into The Flow State So That The Floggings Will End and Morale Will Improve

Love Is Patient

Are You Scared? You're About To Do Something REALLY Brave.

When You Find Someone That Makes Your Heart Skip a Beat, Stop the Search and Take the Risk

Love Conquers All

Shame Is Paralyzing

Not Everything Sucks

Be Patient But Not Complacent

You Deserve The Kind of Love You Would Give Someone Else

A Slave Is Someone Who Waits For Someone To Come And Free Him

Overcome Obstacles In Intimacy

When You Are Grateful, Fear Disappears and Abundance Appears

An Active Code of Conduct

Your Twin Flame Doesn't Come In Perfect Form. You Have To Love Them Into Perfection.

An Ethical Guide To Quantum Jumping

Today, Spend More Time With People Who Bring Out The Best In You, Not The Stress In You

You Aren't Starting Over. You're Starting From Where You're At With All That You Have Learned. Prepare Yourself For The Next Part of Your Journey.

Embrace Your Emotions. They Are There To Teach You About Yourself. Suppressing Your Emotions Is Suppressing Yourself.

A Message From Your Higher Self: Use Your Full Range of Emotions As A Compass

Sometimes You Have To Just Roll With It

The Worst Solitude Is To Be Destitute of Sincere Friendship

Your Ancestors Are Counting On You To Heal These Patterns So They Will End With You

And Still I Rise

Balance Your Life

It Requires Great Courage To Leave Behind What You Know and Step Forth Into Who You Are

The Voice In Your Head That Says You Can't Do This Is A Liar!


Brace Yourself. Justice Is Coming.

That's Not The Real You

Are You Being Called To Heal Ancestral Trauma?

Do You Remember How To Love The Way You Did When You Were A Child?

Finding the Hidden Path

Change Is Created In The Shadows

You'd Rather Make Up A Fantasy Version of Somebody In Your Head Than Be With A Real Person

Be The Energy You Want To Attract

Sometimes Fate Is Like A Small Sandstorm That Keeps Changing Directions

Getting Unstuck

Discipline Is Remembering What You Want

Every Day Is A Gift... That's Why They Call It The Present

And In the End, the Love You Take Is Equal To the Love You Make

Preoccupied With A Single Leaf, You Won't See The Tree

Be Better Than You Were Yesterday

All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter

The Moment I Embrace My Peace Within and Surrender The Outcome Is the Moment That the Universe Can Truly Get To Work

You Are Actually A Sim

You Must Choose... But Choose Wisely

Are You Learning To Heal Others Holistically?

Rise Above and Beyond

Look For the Universal Gift

Move Forward

Moving Toward A New Start

One Final Pause Before A Portal To the Future Opens

If I Could Save Time In A Bottle

Change May Not Always Bring Growth, But There Is No Growth Without Change

Healing and Releasing Pain, Loss, and Grief Within the Death Window

Forgive and Let Go To Make Room For Miracles

Your Sacred Space Is Where You Can Find Yourself Again and Again

The Power of Vulnerability

Follow Your Bliss and the Universe Will Open Doors Where There Were Only Walls

Stop Being A People Pleaser

Spiritual Awakening and Ascension Are On The Horizon. Hold Space For Your Loved Ones As They Start To Wake Up.

Wild and Free

Were You Destined To Be A Healer?

Readjust Your Energy Field

You Deserve This

Be Patient. Things Will Change For The Better.

Nothing Prevents Happiness Like the Memory of Happiness

You Are Radiating Love

If You Plant A Good Seed In Bad Soil It Will Affect How It Grows and Roots

Let Today Be the Day You Learn The Grace of Letting Go and the Power of Moving On

Are You Walking A Tightrope?

Sit Still and Do the Work

Getting Back On Solid Ground

You Belong Here. Welcome Home.

The Nodes In Your Decision Tree Are Growing Roots

I Am Not Myself Anymore. I Am Full of Ghosts of All the People I Have Lost.

What If You Just Turned Your Magic All the Way the Fuck On?

Join October's Terrain Train!

It Is Time To Unlearn the Things You Learned From Wounded People

Deep Souls Need Deep Souls

You Can't Change the People Around You, But You Can Change the People Around You

Are You Co-Creating Your Life?

You Are A Luminous Conscious Stardust Being Forged In the Crucible of Cosmic Fire

My Toxic Trait Is That I'm An Actual Alien Who Is Extremely Confused By The Human Experience

The Universe Is Working On A Miracle For You Right Now

Why The Biggest Obstacle To Your Success Might Be You

It Feels Like Home To Me

Listen With Curiosity. Speak With Honesty. Act With Integrity.

Are You Being Your Most Authentic Self?

Let Go and Trust the Universe

It's Not "Spike Proteins." It's Something Else.

Are You Wondering If You Should Take The Risk?

The Universe Doesn't Demand That You Struggle. It's Simply Responding To Your Vibration.

Let Go of Something Old That No Longer Serves You In Order To Make Room For Something New

Don't Waste Your Time Looking Back. You're Not Going That Way.

Once You Get The Blanket Thing, You Can Relax... Because Everything You Could Ever Want Or Be You Already Have and Are

Pioneers of The Great Awakening Series - Session 9: Demi Pietchell of The Starfire Codes

You Can Be The Hunter or You Can Be The Hunted

Look The World Straight In The Eye

You Glow Differently and Your Soul Shines Beautifully When You Start To Understand Your Own Worth

The Making of a Psyop: Did the "X-Files" Spin-Off Series "The Lone Gunmen" Predict 9/11 in March 2001?

Creating Sacred Spaces

Important Messages For The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine on Achieving and Maintaining Union

Are You Being Watched?

I Always Wonder Why Birds Stay In The Same Place When They Can Fly Anywhere On The Earth. Then I Ask Myself The Same Question.

My Heart Is The Portal To An Infinity of Love, Bliss, and Abundance

Never Stop Learning Because Life Never Stops Teaching

Let Love In

To Get More Happiness, Simply Move Toward Happiness

Failure Can Only Exist From Stagnant Perceptions

Think About Things Differently

You Give Life To What You Give Energy To

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Are You Living Your Dream?

What You Focus On Becomes Your Reality

Eliminate Everything That Gives You Conflicted Feelings. Embrace the Things That Resonate With Your Soul.

The Plan To Prop Up and Then Take Down Poornima Wagh Was An Orchestrated Attack On The Entire Zero Isolation Argument

Follow Your Soul. It Knows the Way.

Who Is Poornima Wagh? And Why Is The "Press" Doing Such A Poor Job Vetting Stories?

Who Are You?

Stop Playing Small. Show Up. Be Seen.

Let Go and Trust the Universe

If You're Brave Enough To Say Good Bye To Your Past, Life Will Reward You With A New Hello. It May Be Hard, But You Have To Let Go.

Leave The Guilt Behind

True Love Becomes A United Front Against Adversity

Worrying Is An Illusion of Control Where There Is None

Tact Is The Knack of Making A Point Without Making An Enemy

You Get To Be YOU

What Is the Universe Telling You?

Your Dreams Are Already Yours

It's Time To Start Something New and Trust the Magic of Beginnings

Everything Will Work Out Well

Courage Is An Inner Resolution To Go Forward Despite Obstacles. Cowardice Is Submissive Surrender To Circumstances.

This Limiting Belief Does Not Serve You

Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones

Love Is Like A Mirror

Speak the Truth, Even If Your Voice Shakes

Your Only Limit Is You

Stop Being Patient and Learn To Allow It

Finding Mastery of the Self

Change Your Thoughts and You Change Your World (Plus Notes on Navigating a Kundalini Awakening)

Sometimes Your Only Available Transportation Is a Leap of Faith

If the Universe Is Removing People From Your Life, Let Them Go

Vibrational Alignment

Don't Block Your Blessings

Change Is the Only Constant

When You Finally Let Go of the Past Something Better Comes Along

Change Requires Taking A Leap Of Faith

A Love So Deep the Ocean Would Be Jealous

You Are Entirely Up To You

The Journey Will Show You the Way

Sound Will Be the Medicine of the Future

If Two People Follow the Same Energy, They're Bound To End Up In the Same Room Eventually

Be Open To Receiving Blessings From the Universe

If You Don't Have Any Shadows, You're Not In The Light

You Must Break the Pattern Today or the Loop Will Repeat Tomorrow

Moloch Worship in Kent County, England, 1600s

Catharsis and the Creative Process

Your Sacred Space Is Where You Can Find Yourself Over and Over Again

Check the Mirror For Blind Spots

Surrender Opens the Door To Receiving

Please Stay On Trail

Your Unconscious Mind Processes Information Faster Than Your Conscious Mind

Stop Breaking Your Own Heart

Be Smart Enough To Know When You Need Help and Brave Enough To Ask For It

Virology: Unmasking a 100+ Year Old Lie

This Will Expand Your Consciousness

See Through the Illusion To Love

Real Happiness Doesn't Live In Our Comfort Zone

Stop Self-Sabotage

When You Don't Make Your Needs Clear They Will Not Be Met

Love Is Only Made More Valuable by the Risk of Heartbreak

What You Love Is a Sign From Your Higher Self of What You Are To Do

Solitude Vivifies; Isolation Kills

Stay Present

Stuck In A Rut

After Every Storm, There Is A Rainbow

Don't Sleep On Your Dreams

This Could Be the Day You Stop Doing That Self-Destructive Thing You Do

If Fear Is the Great Enemy of Intimacy, Love Is Its True Friend

Manifest What You Want

Setting Boundaries

Find Your Balance

Say Yes To An Enthusiastic New Beginning

The Distance Between Your Dreams and Reality Is Called Action

Find Your Fire

Tie Up Loose Ends

Shift Happens

You Become A Catalytic Converter

Buffalo '66: Heart of the Sunrise

No Reason To Stay Is A Good Reason To Go

Walk Without Rhythm and You Won't Attract the Worm

Your Commitment Passes the Test of Time

Be Who You Were Created To Be

Remember Who You Are

A Crisis of Faith

If You Don't Heal From What Hurt You You Will Bleed On People Who Didn't Cut You

Shine So Bright That It Burns Their Fucking Eyes

The Fertility Is Being Drained Out of The World Around You

Trust The Universe To Course Correct A Timeline That Was Not Meant For You

Never Give Up

The Weaponization of Trust

The Messenger Politely Requests That They Please Not Be Shot

Most of Our Problems Are Because We Act Without Thinking or We Keep Thinking Without Acting

What I'm Watching: Has History Been Proven Wrong Mathematically?

Uncovering and Relearning Hidden Ancient Wisdom


Share Your Secrets and Be the Star You Were Meant To Be

The Only Way Is Up

You Are Creating A New History

You Can Have The Whole World If You Can Muster The Guts To Take It

Your Soul Is Constantly Guiding You On The Most Joyful And Meaningful Path For You

Letting Go To Move Forward

What Is Meant For You Will Not Pass You By

Your Kundalini Power Can Birth Visions Into Reality Out of the Primordial Depths

Say the Truth and People Will Listen To You With Their Open Heart

Your Manifestation Is Dropping Into Your Reality

Overcome Your Own Inertia To Create Progress

Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom

Validation Is For Parking

Perseverance Is Stubbornness With A Purpose

Unveil Your Hidden Gifts

A New Life Awaits

PODCAST: Part Two of Starfire Codes on Word Up with Dani Katz

Uncovering Dishonesty About Electricity In The Ancient Past

PODCAST: Part One of Starfire Codes on Word Up with Dani Katz

You're Always One Decision Away From A Totally Different Life

If You Fail To Control Your Own Mind, You May Be Sure You Will Control Nothing Else

People Pleasing Is a Form of Self-Harm

Inhale Confidence. Exhale Doubt.

You Are Being Called To Connect With Universal Consciousness

What Can You Do To Repair This?

Find Joy In the Journey

"You Are Contributing To This Disinformation Campaign."

Write Yourself A New Life Story

A Journey of 10,000 Years Begins With a Single Step

Finding the Temple of Your Heart

When You Have Control Over Your Thoughts, You Have Control Over Your Life

You'll Heal. It Just Takes Time.

What I'm Watching: May 9, 2022

Shadow Work Is the Path of the Heart Warrior

The Worst Battle You Have To Fight Is Between What You Know and What You Feel

Don't Allow Your Inner Critic To Block You From Your Goals

The Greater the Obstacle, the More Glory In Overcoming It

Learning from the Past Gives Power to the Present

Drop the Dead Weight

Sacred Sexual Union Connects You With Your Purpose

If You're Reading This, It's Time For Change

What I'm Watching: May 1, 2022

The Power of the Universe Cannot Be Owned or Controlled

What I'm Watching: April 30, 2022

Come Out of the Past To Claim What Is Waiting For You In the Present and the Future

How To Prepare For An EMP: 25 Resources On How To Improve Safety and Prevent Electromagnetic Damage Before It Occurs

Tartaria: Electric Light Before Edison?

Alchemize Your Tragedies Into Gold

Off Grid Electricity: 51 More Resources for Off Grid Living

Tartaria: What Is The Source of This Light?

Using Patterns To Heal and Communicate

Off Grid Power: 47 Resources for Becoming Electrically Self-Sufficient

Tartaria: The Pavilions Are Missing Something

What Would You Attempt To Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

What I'm Watching: April 26, 2022

Tartaria: Were Magnetrons In Cathedrals Sources of Free Energy?

Getting Into Alignment With Your Spiritual Mission

What I'm Watching: April 25, 2022

Tartaria: Cathodes or Cathedrals?

The Universe Has Given You A Second Chance

What I'm Watching: April 24, 2022

Tartaria: Spires Harnessing Atmospheric Energy?

You Didn't Come This Far To Only Come This Far

What I'm Watching: April 23, 2022

Tartaria: Ornamental or Electrical?

Align Yourself with the Rhythm of the Soundtrack to the Universe

Tartaria: Tesla Coils Before Tesla?

Stay Away From People Who Make You Feel Like You're Hard To Love

What I'm Watching: Week of April 21, 2022

Tartaria: Early Aerospace

Follow Your Passions Instead of Your Burdens

Tartaria: A World of Circuitry

Give Birth to Your Truest Desire

Relentless Negative Thoughts Are Keeping You From Following the Wisdom of Your Heart

There Is No Harvest Later Without Planting Seeds Now

What Will You Need To Release In Order To Move Forward From Here?

Fear Is False Evidence Appearing Real

Extricate Yourself From the Labyrinth of Your Own Mind

Be Courageous In Your Defense of the Truth

Be Fearlessly Authentic

See Challenges and Hardships as Opportunities

What You Want Is Waiting For You If You Have the Courage To Take It

Water Guardians Discover and Protect the Truth

You're Stuck in a Force Field Inside of a Fuckloop

The Joy Squad Rolls Deep

A Connection Offers You Access To Deepened Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality

Alignment Is When You've Come Home To Yourself

Kick Your Frenemies To The Curb

Taking Action Leads To Victory

Attitude Is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Letting Go Is Hard But Sometimes Holding On Is Harder

Videos: SFC Launches A New YouTube Channel

Your Shackles Were Forged By Your Perception

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Why Do You Assume I See Two Roads?

CENSORED: The Bifurcation of Society As We Seek a Way Out

New Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful Endings

The Ideas You Exchange Massively Impact the World

When Patterns Are Broken, New Worlds Emerge

"We Are Paying People To Poison Us."

Celebrate the Road That Brought You Here As You Begin a New Cycle

Love Requires a Leap of Faith

Do Not Postpone Your Healing Any Longer

Slow Your Roll and Calm Your Ass Down, Sparky, Before You Do Something Stupid

Your Love Is Wild, Untamed, and Unconditional

Rockstar Unicorn Energy: Together You Fart Glitter and Shit Rainbows

Sacrifice For Sovereignty: Natural Freedom League Interviews The Starfire Codes

Not Everyone You Lose Is A Loss

You Are At One With Expanded Consciousness

Creating Flow Between Polarities

Follow Your Bliss and the Universe Will Open Doors For You Where There Were Only Walls

Alchemizing the Spiritual Into the Physical

Dark Humor Is Like Food. Not Everyone Gets It.

Live Your Purpose

A Journey Into The Subconscious Heals Your Exhausted, Divided Mind

Carrying Around Resentment Is Like Drinking Poison Expecting The Other Person To Die

Divine Sensuality Brings An Untamed Surge of Raw Power

Is Ukraine's Radioactivity and Weapons Disposal Problem Really a Billion Dollar Cash Cow?

Anticipating A Long-Awaited Victory

Your Voice Transforms Cacophony Into Harmony

What I'm Watching: Cult of the Medics by David Whitehead

See the Beauty In What You Have and Be Loyal To What You Love

This Is Very Important To Understand

The Pursuit of Joy

We Didn't Want To Be Right.

Bringing An Intense Passion Kept Secret To Light

Podcast: Amy and Mere of the Gold Pill Pod Interview Demi Pietchell of The Starfire Codes

Learning How to Harness Energetic Resonance Through Shadow Work Unlocks Your Best Life

A Leader Raises Up Other Leaders

Remember That Time When Fact Checkers Said That “Luciferase” In the Shots Was Just a “Conspiracy?” SURPRISE! (Wait. You're supposed to be surprised....)

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Uncovering Memories Unlocks Buried Treasure

You'll Never Find Peace of Mind Until You Listen To Your Heart

Your New Life Will Be Unrecognizable

Together, You Have Power Over The Unknown

Building An Entirely New Lineage

Podcast: Our Dark Premonition Part Two: Surviving The Death Window

Create Your Story: Make Your Future Whatever You Want It To Be

Pole Vault or Pole Shift: Using Ancient Knowledge To Create A New Vision Here On Earth

Stop Wasting Time: Courage, Commitment, and Communication

You Have Zero Desire To Tolerate the Pseudotolerance of the Intolerant

Because of a Great Love, One Is Courageous

A Moment Of Self-Reflection Before Moving Through A Portal Into A New Beginning

You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Improve Health and Wellness By Paying Attention To Physical, Emotional, and Energetic Cycles

Two Beacons of Hope Combine In The Darkness To Show The Way

Fantasizing About A New Beginning

Art and Music Help To Heal A Broken Heart

A Final Period of Reflection Before Embarking on a Journey To Reconnect With Your Passions

Creating New Passions For Life Helps To Overcome Grief

Podcast: Michael Bell Interviews Demi Pietchell on The Pureblood Podcast

Creating The Perfect Home

Open Your Heart

Your Compass Adjusts To Navigate The In-Between

Your Life Becomes a Thing of Exquisite Beauty

Anxiety Is Blocking You From Receiving Your Blessings

Jump: This Journey of the Soul Requires a Leap of Faith

Once You Get The Message, Hang Up The Phone

Pain Is Your Higher Self's Way Of Telling You A Choice Is Misaligned With Your Life Path

Phoenix, Do Not Ragequit The Bear

Be You. The World Will Adjust.

Respect Yourself Enough To Walk Away From Anything That No Longer Serves You, Grows You, Or Makes You Happy

Spring Only Comes After Winter

Blessings of Wealth, Beauty, and Good Fortune

Forgive Others, Not Because They Deserve Forgiveness, But Because You Deserve Peace

The Truth Rebuilds Towers to the Stars

Building A Legacy: Your Home Is Your Sacred Temple

Don't Turn Conflict Into Combat

A Warrior's Spirit

The Universe Is Conspiring With You To Bring You What You Want

If You're Not Ready To Question EVERYTHING, You're Not "Awake." Period.

Space Oddity

The Real You Is Hiding at the Center of a Series of Matryoshka Dolls

Telepathic Telegraph: The Firefly and the Unicorn Are Like Freaking Pineal Western Union

Your Home Becomes Your Sanctuary

Turn Around. Turn Around. There's A Human Skull On The Ground.

Whatever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe, It Can Achieve

Do You Think People Are Too Stupid To Understand Teslaphoresis?

Use Joy As A Beacon To Find Your Path

Get Out Of Your Own Way

The Global Mafia: The Script Continues To Flip As The Mainstream Media Throws the World Health Organization's Tedros Under The Bus

Podcast: John Wydogen and Will Keller Interview Demi Pietchell on Natural Freedom League Livestream

And Just When You Think Things Can’t Possibly Get Any Better, They Do

May Your Home Be A Sanctuary of Love and Peace

Leave the Resentment. Take the Cannoli.

It Can't Rain All The Time

Your Inner Child Is Trying To Tell You Something

The Dance of the Shadow Selves

The Unbreakable Bond of Hieros Gamos

Rise From The Ashes To Receive Messages From Source's Butt Puppet

2022 Numerology: Universal 6 Year, Your Personal Year Reading, and Channeled Messages

To Manifest What Best Matches Your Hopes And Dreams, You Must Be Unabashedly Authentic

Exploring Your Spiritual Gifts

Additional HAM Radio Resources

Seeking the Sacred

We Called It: Women Who Took The Shot Are Now Lying About Their Shot Status To Date Men Concerned with Infertility Issues

Death, Illness, and Injury: One Post Almost Every Minute

Don't Bring The Past Into The Future

Never Hang Your Sense of Identity On Being 'Right' or 'Wrong'

Light My Way

Dream Until It's Your Reality

Radiating Spontaneous Joy

Manifesting New Beginnings