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PODCAST: Part One of Starfire Codes on Word Up with Dani Katz

Episode One of Word Up: Dani Katz Interviews Demi Pietchell about cognitive dissonance, psyops, prepping for grief, the media, and more.

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I am so excited and honored to get this out to all of you - the amazing Dani Katz asked me to be the first guest on her NEW PODCAST Word Up!

In this first episode of the Word Up podcast, Quantum Languaging expert Dani Katz talks with me about The Starfire Codes, our getting unceremoniously chucked off of Twitter after 13 years for quoting Dr. Noack posthumously, and why some folks seem to be hip to the sham while others are swallowing this nonsense hook, line and booster.

We discuss next steps in prepping for grief, the Grand Solar Minimum, Starlink, whatever the next psyop may or may not be, and so much more.

The first half of Dani’s talks are always free and will be made publicly available on her YouTube channel. Obviously, the spicier fare cannot be uploaded here, so if you want to find her other work, or if anything gets taken down, please visit her website for additional information on all of her projects!

You also can find Dani’s amazing work on Locals and Patreon, and Dani has provided a promo code to sign up for her VIP community on Locals here.

Dani has made part two of this talk available to all of the paid subscribers on The Starfire Codes, so we will be releasing part two on here tomorrow. If you are a paid subscriber, you will be able to see that right here on The Starfire Codes. If you are not yet a paid subscriber, you can subscribe to The Starfire Codes here.

We cover quite a lot of ground in this interview, so links to the articles referenced are provided below in the Additional Resources section.

Special thanks again to Dani Katz for everything! Always a pleasure getting to talk with you!

Additional Resources:

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The Starfire Codes by Demi Pietchell
The Starfire Codes by Demi Pietchell
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