Sitemap - 2021 - The Starfire Codes by Demi Pietchell

New Year's Resolution Shadow Work Pays Off

Don't Trade Authenticity For Approval

Wake Up! This World That You Dream Holds Nothing To Fear

Things I Can't Say, Part Three: El Salvador Is A Trap

Hold The Vision. Trust The Process. Embrace The Unknown.

The Best Way To Gain Self-Confidence Is To Do What You Are Afraid To Do

Taking An Emotional Risk Leads To A Big Reward

This One Image Proves That The American Election Was Stolen

Move Into Oneness

To Balance Your Life, Balance Your Mind

You Can Reframe Your Outlook At Any Time

Things I Can't Say, Part Two: The Dark Triad Plan To Flip The Script

Perceptual Panopticon: The Hardest Prison To Escape Is Your Own Mind

There Are Things I Can't Say...

Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat.

Renewed Balance Brings Victory and Celebration

Anxiety Is A Fear of the Discrepancy Between the Present and What You Imagine the Future Should Be

The Wheel In The Sky Keeps On Turning

Panem et Circenses

Your Heart Knows The Way. Run In That Direction.

Transmutation of Energy Changes the World

It's the Possibility of Having A Dream Come True That Makes Life Interesting

Crimes Against Humanity: UK Group Files Criminal Complaint In International Criminal Court

This Is A Culling: The Nine Satanic Sins Show You How To Survive It

Finding Your North Star

Never Let Life Impede On Your Ability To Manifest Your Dreams

The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself Is To Not Care What Other People Think

Mass Media: Do Not Swallow

The Burning Flames That Caused My Demise Created The Ashes From Which I Rise

Become Unponderable

The Past 24 Report 12-8-2021

I'm Nostalgic For A Better Tomorrow

The Past 24 Report 12-7-2021

Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy

Do You Think You're In Control?

The Past 24 Report 12-6-2021

The Past 24 Report 12-5-2021

Smile More: It Confuses People

The Fall of Bill Gates: The Interview 'Too Hot for the Big Tech Crowd'

The Past 24 Report 12-4-2021

PPSD? Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder... wait, WHAT?! NO, You Do NOT Have "PPSD." You Have Heart Problems Because You Took The Shot.

The Preparedness Report 12-4-2021

The Past 24 Report 12-3-2021

Some Ripples Become Waves

Jason Olbourne Interviews Demi Pietchell on World Series News Underground TV

The Civil Unrest Report 12-4-2021

They Fear Love Because It Creates A World They Can't Control

The Past 24 Report 12-2-2021

It Only Takes One Action To Start A Ripple Effect

The Past 24 Report 12-1-2021

Court Orders FDA To Release Pfizer Shot Data

The Past 24 Report 11-30-2021

Home Only Means Something When It Holds The Love You Seek

FYI: Twitter banned The Starfire Codes for discussing the presentation Dr. Noack made before his death

World's First Killshot Murder Trial: India Charges Bill Gates and Adar Poonawalla, Seeks Death Penalty

What Is Meant For You Will Never Pass You By

The Past 24 Report 11-29-2021

'If you continue to inject, you are murderers,' says allegedly murdered whistleblower Dr. Andreas Noack to doctors four days before dying.

The Past 24 Report 11-28-2021

Marie Kondo Made Me Do It

The Past 24 Report 11-27-2021

Follow the Song of Your Heart to the Akashic Fields

The Past 24 Report 11-26-2021

We Carry Our Homes Within Us Which Enables Us To Fly

The Preparedness Report 11-26-2021

The Civil Unrest Report 11-26-2021

The Past 24 Report 11-25-2021

The Transformative Power of the Foam of the Sea

Unlock Your Authentic Heart

The Past 24 Report 11-24-2021

The Past 24 Report 11-23-2021

I Create My World

The Past 24 Report 11-22-2021

Ghislaine Maxwell Had UN Authorized Control Over the World's Oceans

Ghislaine Maxwell November Trial Primer: Alleged Co-Conspirators List and Accusations in Leaked Court Document from Charlene Latham Filing

I Have Not Closed My Ears to Truth

The Past 24 Report 11-21-2021

UPDATE: Waukesha Mass Casualty Event

The Civil Unrest Report 11-21-2021

Mass Casualty Event At Waukesha Christmas Parade: Car Plows Through Police Barricade, Shoots At Bystanders

Build A Life That Balances Responsibility With Spontaneity

The Civil Unrest Report 11-20-2021

The Past 24 Report 11-20-2021

You've Got To Jump Off Cliffs All The Time And Build Your Wings On The Way Down

The Preparedness Report 11-19-2021

The Past 24 Report 11-19-2021

They Fear YOU.

The Past 24 Report 11-18-2021

How To Survive the Death Window in the Dark Age of the Myocarditis Mass Murders

Your Breaking Point Is Your Turning Point

The Past 24 Report 11-17-2021

The Universe Is Conspiring In Your Favor In Support of Your Dreams: Share Your Unique Song With Your Loved Ones and The World

Bricks in Kenosha? Again? Pay No Attention to the Brick Wizard Behind the Curtain....

FBI investigates "smallpox" vials "found in lab," media responds by attempting to create panic on the heels of insanely suspicious Gates warning about "smallpox terror attacks"

How The Economist Uses Its Magazine's Front Cover as an Apocalyptic Manifestation Tool

Hindsight is 2020: The Contagion Emperor Is Naked

Playing Life on Expert Mode: Konami Code Your Way Out of That Shit

To The Mind That Is Still, The Whole Universe Surrenders

Go To the People and Places That Set a Spark In Your Soul

If You Never Try, You'll Never Know

Transmute Your Pain Into Wisdom

The Dark Night of the Soul Comes Just Before Revelation

Clear Your Mind. Your Heart Is Trying To Tell You Something.

Be a Sea of Wild Magic in a World Full of Deadened Eyes

Manic Pixie Dream Priestesses

To Achieve the Marvelous, It Is Precisely the Unthinkable That Must Be Thought

What Is Your Enneagram of Personality Song?

When You Use Your Demons To Your Advantage

Be Like a Tree and Let the Dead Leaves Drop

You Are An Alchemist. You Can Take Any Situation and Transmute It Into Something Greater.

Most People Don't Want The Truth. They Just Want Constant Reassurance That What They Believe Is The Truth.

No Freedom, No Work: Walk Out, Australia

Money Laundering and Modern Art: Modern Art Was Developed as a Vehicle for Money Laundering

The Only Ones Who See The Whole Picture Are The Ones Who Step Out Of The Frame

Your Perception Becomes Your Reality

You Are Not A Drop In The Ocean. You Are The Entire Ocean In A Drop.

Survive and Rebuild

The Ocean In Your Heart

Magic Becomes Art When It Has Nothing To Hide

'The Most Deranged Story in History' Has Its Own Long History, Equally Deranged

Step Off The Karmic Hamster Wheel

I Didn't Believe in Reincarnation When I Was Your Age Either

I'm Standing In The Ashes of Who I Used To Be

HAM Radio: Additional Resources for Beginners

Apocalypse and Chill

HAM Radio 101: A Collection of Resources for HAM Radio Beginners

Time Is Like Water

Hop Happily Down the Street For No Apparent Reason

I Offer You A Mirror To Look Deeper Into Yourself

Level Up: Lean the Fuck In

Lose Your Mind, Find Your Soul

Share Your Song and Hold The Vision

We Are the Granddaughters of the Witches You Couldn't Burn

I Have Traveled Through Madness To Find Me

Blurrrrrrrrsday, the Firsteenth of Dodecatober: Shiny Rocks In My Underwear and an Affinity For Chaos

Synchronicity Is An Ever Present Reality For Those Who Have Eyes To See

Plandemonium Premonitions: Cargo Ships, Crematoria, Frankenfood, Unsafe Roads and Flights

Understand That Your Soul Is Not Bound By Three-Dimensional Earthly Existence

Why do you value the opinions of liars?

Dream Big, Live Your Dream Life, and Don't Give Up. You Will Emerge Victorious.

Get Your Chumbawamba Out Of My Hoobastank

Creation and Flow: Be Water My Friend

Embracing Transparency: Speaking the Truth with Integrity and Authenticity

Music From Inside an Empty Mall: Dystopian Content Manifests the Apocalypse

Quiddity: Manifesting the Genesis of Gratitude Hovering Over the Heart of the Dream Sea

Grand Solar Minimum Preparedness

The Wisdom Behind Your Intentions: Metamorphosis Brings Success and Happiness

Say Yes to Change: Divine Royalty Jump In and Sing at the Turning Point to Control the Darkness Where Dreams Come True

Shifting and Integrating to Join Forces for a Moonlit Invocation of Laughter

Cultural Shadow Work: What Happens When Groupthink Supersedes IQ?

Archontic Parasites, NDEs, Earth Prison, Industrial Death Quotas, Soul Inoculations, and the Tether That Binds You To Your Higher Self

10/10 portal. Saturn goes direct.

Trust Your Instincts

You Can't Go Back to 1992, Mannaz. Destiny Awaits.

It Is Necessary For You To Collapse So You Can Learn How Phoenixes Are Reborn

Hiraeth and Saudade

Dueling Septrograde Stellium Fuckery Finally Ends with Pluto Going Direct on the New Moon "In This Style 10/6"

How Patent Law May Impact Our Concept of Human Sovereignty

Integrity is for all the time, not just when it is convenient

What No One Is Asking: Where Are All The People?

Every day is what you make of it

Feeling Complete and Strong

Light comes from darkness.

UK ONS data reveals 30,305 people dead within 21 days of the shot

Western Society Passes Through The Cultural Crucible: Critical Mass Tipping Point Achieved

Consider this my way of holding your hand in the hallway until you feel better

Dating Heuristics in the Time of the Great Bifurcation

Survive Biotoxin Illness: CIRS and the Clotshot

Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process (Including Missing Page 25)

Most of you are FAILING this EASY IQ test....

Illinois Mom Stripped by Judge of Custody For Refusing Clotshot, Judge Suddenly Reverses Order

CIA studied how geomagnetic storms impact psychic phenomena

Effects of Geomagnetic Activity Upon Human Health

Why does solar activity matter to us?

Learning From History: 1816 The Year Without A Summer, Eighteen Hundred and Froze To Death, and Grand Solar Minimum GSM

GSM Grand Solar Minimum: An Overview of What To Expect

The Elephant In The Room: Why Protecting Your Mental Health Will Be CRUCIAL To Your Survival Moving Forward

Everything You Need To Know About THE SHOT But Were Taught To Be Afraid To Ask

World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation: Down the Rabbit Hole, Volume Four

Hindsight is 2020: The Medical Industry

Doublespeak, Part Two: Consider the Word Choices of Others Very Carefully

2021: Navigating Uncertainty

Manifestation: Media and the Control of Aggregate Consciousness

What I'm Watching: Language Is The Battlefield by Asha Logos

What I'm Watching: Conspiracy? Our Subverted History by Asha Logos

Anyone can say they care.

Now, let's look at Nigeria.

Doublespeak: What exactly is meant by "High Risk" and "Low Risk?"

What is the story you're telling yourself? Do you even like it?

Truer words were never spoken...

All on the Carnival ship got the shot. And yet, there's an outbreak. Again.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different outcome

Pattern recognition is somewhat frowned upon....

Don't let them pull your heartstrings

Your power is in knowing how to fight back

"1% control the world. 4% are their puppets. 90% are asleep."

A Shocking Difference Between Israel and Palestine...

The Measles: What was life like before and after the shot...

Who Watches the Watchers? Down the Rabbit Hole Volume Two

The Dreaded Shadow Work

Are you surrounding yourself with the right people?

Canadian surgeon suspended for standard ethical disclosure

Gibraltar and Iceland chime in....

Clean data will make you rethink everything.

Predictive Programming: Down the Rabbit Hole Volume One

Earworms are really messages.

Happiness is a state of BEing.

Attack of the Clones....

An Important Note Regarding Loopholes From Attorney Robert Barnes

They're playing Risk with people's lives.

YOU are responsible for making these choices.

CDC finally admits the PCR test cannot differentiate between Covid and influenza

Transformative Sadness....

In Taiwan, the case numbers spike in tandem with the spike in shots.

Sometimes knowing it's different in another universe where things worked out differently can help.

Supply Disruptions: "Something is about to pop warns top military officers as they race to supply their families."

I don't run from my demons....

Fear isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Down the Rabbit Hole: A Research Series

Military Urging Officers To Get Their Houses In Order.

There's a silver lining blessing that comes to you when things are at their worst.

You have to decide to BE happy.

I'll let you in on a secret....

Here is a prime example of why I always tell you to learn how to think like a psychopath...

"Destroy." "Neutralize." "Discredit."

People can't take in what they don't understand.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Make Cake

This would never happen now.

The Clot Thickens....

Demi Pietchell explores survival, metaphysics, media, and the truth.