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Oh wow, that's a long list haha, but some of them look terrific and will watch. OK, in the past week these three grabbed my attention.

Something from ChristosAvatar.com, seems flaky new age, but what he says about everyone having some sort of 'wrap' or 'other being' around them I have seen others collaborate. Those who see beyond our limited perception, and he talks about that a few times in this video.


This is an alt-history or earased-history 10 min doc about how the capital domes were once used as docking stations for blimps, and that was the mode of history before. Great old clips showing examples.


And related, this one is about melted buildings in the South, a boots on the ground guy who finds these amazing melted bricks sights with no history of what happened. Its impossible to deny.


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Thank you so much for these! I have them saved in my list now! :)

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I came into this world as is. Why do I always need to be getting better and better? When do I ever reach the most bestest stage? It's been a 74 year long journey in which I got better at virtually nothing the world (society) claimed I needed to be better at. No regrets other than not being able to vacation orbiting Neptune.

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