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Also, I believe if a bipolarity exists, then life will be found there. For a system that is continuous then the possible combinations is contained with the set real numbers. Examples would be cellular regulation or the distance from ground to space. Life thrives in the grey zones.

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Interesting guy. He reminds me of my dad in some ways. Now, it did spawn some topics and thought in thinking about how people can be so smart and so focused on a single topic that they ignore the simple solutions.

Like how nuclear power can solve the vast majority of the problems that supposed to cause “climate change”.

I believe that Thorium based nuclear power is possible and inexpensive and ridiculously easy in comparison to fusion or building a 6 mile tube to space. And if nuclear power was adopted, then there would be such an increase in people that know how to use it that it we destabilize the electric monopoly.

Of course, that’s technology that’s publicly available. There’s still the “impossible” inventions like HHO gas and Searle generators.

Of course, all of those technologies can be produced on mass scale, and it would decentralize the electric industry because it relatively easy learning curve for operations.

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About 6 years ago I recall reading that the California based power company, PGE, had begun experimenting with solar satellite electrical transmission which is what I think Howard was referring to also.

Also from energy.gov


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