Podcast Guest Appearances

The West's Awake
A conversation in nostalgia & consciousness with Starfire Codes - Demi Pietchell
Spirit and spirituality mean different things to different people. One of the goals, as I move forward is to broaden the boundaries of how I look at this subject matter in my writing and conversations. A few years ago, when I was down the Bitcoin and crypto-currency rabbit-hole, many videos on the crypto topic would end by saying…
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Post Post Modern
Post it Notes Episode #2
I am happy to announce that it’s here, my friends. And by ‘it’ I mean the first real podcast of Post it Notes where instead of interviewing myself, I got to hang out with my fabulous fellow stacker, Demi Pietchell. “As the founder of The Starfire Codes, she has dedicated herself to shining light into the darkness and helping others navigate uncertainty. J…
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