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Buffalo '66: Heart of the Sunrise (written May 26, 2022; published June 23, 2022)


You are being blessed with good fortune and reminded not to behave imprudently in the face of your blessings or you may lose the good fortune with which you have been blessed. You have been suffering from poor health but this is about to change. Trust in the magic of the unique healing which is being gifted to you and know that a substantial transformation is underway.

You have been taking stock of how to create a future legacy which includes laying the groundwork for prosperity. You knew which direction you wanted to go, back toward something from your past that you had left behind, but you have been waiting for an opportune time to act upon that. An offer that you made to someone who did not have your best interests at heart ended up being something that you had to walk away from exhausted while fighting to stand your ground and protect what was yours.

You may have lost a great deal through the trickery or deceit of another who may have perhaps even stolen from you, but the universe wants to let you know that your actions in this situation were karmically just and so your needs will be met and you will be led in the direction of recouping what you have lost via alternate means.

The universe will help you to recover what was lost or taken by blessing your future ideas with prosperity when enacted - if you are expedient about bringing your ideas to life, the universe will surprise you by highlighting a pathway forward toward abundance, toward creating the legacy you are trying to manifest. You have kept quiet about what you were working towards creating and manifesting. This is a spiritual connection that requires putting in work and nurture in order to get the seeds you once planted in the past to grow.

Something specific is coming through which will not be for all of you: One of these ideas may have something to do with electricity or a way of generating electricity that has been stolen from the world. If this pertains to you, pursue that idea. Bringing it to life will bring success.

[Notes: On the day that I’m writing this (5/26/2022), I’m seeing parallels in the cards to current events taking place. At the Buffalo shooting, a security guard who was working on a hydrogen engine was killed. Also, my eye was drawn to the Buffalo and the number 66 in the white raven card which brought my thoughts to the film Buffalo ‘66. In the climax of this film, the lead character ultimately decides against committing a shooting because he realizes he is in love with the female lead and doesn’t want to ruin his chances for a happy life with her. The shooting scene plays out in his mind before we, as the audience, see that this shooting is not the reality he chooses. During this shooting scene, Heart of the Sunrise by Yes is playing. On the same day I am writing this, Alan White, drummer for Yes, passed away at age 72.]


Clairaudience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnYDqv8-lJE

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This is the album. Looking for the reading.


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We are all hyperdimensionals. There are healed and unhealed versions of everything, ETs included. We are all a part of source consciousness. Source embodies the all, and being the all, contains everything in equal measure. I often joke that I wouldn't want to meet source in a dark alley if he/she/it's been having a bad millenium. ;)

Something tangential to your comment emerged in one of my old readings. Wow. I'm going to find it for you. It was about Yes also. Maybe it holds some resonance for you. (I am clairaudient, so many of my messages come in through music.)

I was also tuning into Blue Oyster Cult with a similar ear toward a particular album. What you've said here about Yes has a similar texture to it. So I will grab that for you as well....

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