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VIDEO: S1.06.01 Why CBDCs Are A Dystopian Nightmare with Jason Olbourne

Demi Pietchell talks with Jason Olbourne of Compass on TNT Radio and World Series News about Central Bank Digital Currency, informed consent, and running for office in Australia in 2022

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The Starfire Codes produces an audience-supported publication with a stellar podcast, consciousness-expanding daily spiritual content, and well-researched articles on forbidden but crucial topics. If you love our work, please join our constellation of curious minds and venture into forbidden realms of knowledge. Hit that like button, share with fellow seekers, and consider becoming a paid subscriber to support the cosmic quest for truth! Your support means the universe to us.🌟

Demi Pietchell talks with Jason Olbourne of Compass on TNT Radio and World Series News about the BRICS alliance, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), A Million Mums For Informed Consent, using details and data to challenge the mainstream narrative, and running for office in Australia during the federal election in 2022.

Watch S1.06 Part Two

Jason Olbourne

Jason Olbourne
Jason is the presenter of Compass on TNT radio, host of World Series News and owner of A Million Mums for Informed Consent, he was a candidate in the 2022 Australian Federal election. He works toward challenging the mainstream narrative by demonstration and explanation of detail and data. In
his work he has interviewed hundreds of people including doctors, politicians, lawyers, academics, economists and clergy. You can find Jason on Compass on TNT Live at 1pm from Monday to Friday Sydney time or 11pm from Sunday to Thursday New York Time.

Demi Pietchell

Demi Pietchell
Demi Pietchell is founder of The Starfire Codes and is the former executive producer of the Comcastro podcast. In addition to her work as an innovative producer, Demi Pietchell is an award-winning filmmaker with twenty years of experience in new media, metaphysics, and research. Pietchell attended
New York University, receiving both a BFA in Film and Television and an MPS in Interactive Telecommunications (ITP) from Tisch School of the Arts.

Additional Resources

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Olbourne, J. (2023). The Two Mikes, Sen. Ralph Babet & Vicki Derderian on Compass with Jason Olbourne. Compass on TNT Radio.

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